AIMO an Artificial Intelligence Module for Vending Machines has been integrated in a prototype that we have demonstrated in collaboration with Adimac at Venditalia ( held in Milan on June this year. Our goal was to implement vending machines that can behave like a barman / barwomen  that can recognise you, know your taste, preference and habits. AIMO integrates face recognition capabilities, voice natural language interaction and a recommendation system.

Brochure AIMO

 The AIMO platform has been developed by using modular technology pool based on cutting-edge AI systems, can be easily extended with new functionalities, can be easily integrated in your automatic distributor adding new functionalities to your product and making it future proof.The AIMO platform is Cloud based and offers natively the following possibilities:

  • telemetry, biometrics & statistics
  • targeted advertisement & product suggestions
  • Natural language interaction with voice
  • Person recognition and profiling
  • Behavior and mood identification
  • Faster and modern interaction with the client

In order to integrate AIMO in your distributor it is mandatory we analyse your Vending Machine and propose the correct form of integration.
Our R&D department is available to study new custom features tailored to your needs. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.