Aqua LyL is a system with as the core a vending machine, è un sistema che ha come nucleo, come nocciolo, una vending machine, an automatic distributor of fresh, micro-filteres, alkaline inonized water with the possibility to mix sports and antioxidant integrators.

Aqua LyL is then suitable to gyms, wellness centres, fitness centres but also hospitals and other specialised centres.

Aqua LyL allows you to chose the type of water you prefer.

You can simply choose  fresh micro-filtratered water.  

You can choose the level of pH and hence the level of arlkalinization and ionisation.

Finally you can choose if you like to  mix with sports and antioxidant integrators.

Aqua LyL produces a water that improves significantly the quality of your life.

Acqua LyL as  LyL Projects is made in Trentino Alto Adige.

Aqua LyL is part of a system. La machine is not only a Vending Machine, it is also a totem, an info point, where you can get information about the benefits of drinking more water and in particular alcaline ionised water.

With its full touch, full HD 32″ screen, Aqua LyL is a point from where you can start a journey that will bring you to know and possibly buy new products for health and wellness.

Part of the Aqua LyL system it is also an innovative bottle  that allows you to use the machine in a simpler way and to reduce the emissions of CO2.

Aqua LyL hence respects the environment: reduces the need to produce plastic waste thus contributing to fight the environmental emergency and pollution problems due to use and disposal of plastic bottles. Aqua LyL is not travelling for hundreds of miles transported by polluting trucks (TIRs). Part of the Aqua LyL system there is also a free App, that allows you to know your hydration level, an App that will give you advices and will suggest you when it is time to drink water.